Mykola Amosov

Mykola Amosov

Mykola Amosov

“Conscience – my judge” was one of the slogans of Ukrainian surgeon Mykola Amosov. He started as an ordinary military surgeon during World War II.

Amosov always spoke the truth and he had a good sense of humor. To perform heart surgery, it must be done dry. During surgery, the heart has to be disconnected from the body which is then connected to a device to keep the blood pumping. Amosov with a group of researchers developed an artificial circulation device called an “artificial heart”. The longest the heart could be isconnected from the body using the device – 1 hour 44 min. Amosov traveled very much. In the US, he saw an artificial heart valve. He bought a nylon shirt to use as material for an artificial valve.

Amosov said that it is easier to treat a person when he does not know the patient personally. He treats the client as an abstract person who must be treated.

His daughter Catherine Amosov believed that her father had very high morals. “For dad morality is not just a word. Many surgeons lean only on their own self-confidence and their patients often died. Dad took difficult patients and was not afraid that they will die. He understood that even if there is little chance to survive, it must be attempted. ”

Amosov developed the technique of surgery on the lung. He recalled during the war one time when there were 5 doctors and 2500 seriously ill persons. But the organization was good and a lot of people recovered. His military hospital was in Prussia and in Manchuria. Amosov had a typewriter and typed text books. Amosov received two degrees before the war – a doctor and an engineer. In his youth he was interested even in UFOs, and how to receive thoughts. His aircraft engineering degree touched on the steam engine.

Amosov left after his life a lot of completed cases. He did not use his position for personal gain. He didn’t rent his first flat until he was well into adulthood. “Happy people do not just take, but give.”

Mykola Amosov was elected as deputy of the Supreme Soviet 5 times and received high state awards, including Hero of Ukraine. His book “Thoughts and Heart” was published in our country and abroad. In 2008, he took second place in the “Great Ukrainians.”

Amomov began his career working on a power plant in Arkhangelsk. Starting in 1952, he lived in Kyiv for 49 years total. In 1969 he became an academic of the Academy of Sciences.

Dr. Melnikov recalls: “Amosov was a very simple man – without any aplomb and arrogance. When I worked as a doctor and didn’t know even the face of Amosov, one day, I had seen Amosov in the yard and ordered him to bring journals to another building. Amosov sIlently took these magazines and just silently took them to their destination. The next day, at a meeting of chief medical personnel where I was present, and Mykola Amosov, as if incidentally, said: ‘I was a courier yesterday…’ ”

Dr. Amosov died in 2002. His name was given to an Institute, many streets and an asteroid. His daughter Catherine also chose the medical profession and even became an MD. Doctor Amosov is included in the greatest 100 doctors of the planet.

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