Ukrainian for foreigners

Serhii is a really good teacher. He can explain the subject matter very well, in a way that it is not a problem to understand. In addition, he can evaluate a student well and go at his or her pace. He is educated in several areas so the lessons with him are very interesting. I definitely recommend him.
Ivanna Pertilakova (Slovakia)

I had Ukrainian lessons with my teacher Serhii for half of year. First in my home than in Skype. It was always enjoy. I can recommend him to everybody. We did not only learn Ukrainian grammar, reading and writing, but we also spoke a lot about different topics of life in Ukraine, politics etc. He always found a way to explain the difficult Ukrainian grammar as easy as possible. My Ukrainian friends told me, that my level of Ukrainian improved significantly. Thank you very much, Serhii.

Heiko (Hamburg, Germany)

Bruce Mallie, USA

Bruce Mallie, USA

A good, kind, friendly, intelligent specialist who can talk to you on any topic. Interesting companion. And the teaching methods and books are super.
Razmik Vardanyan (Armenia)

I have been studying Ukrainian with Serhii for nearly a year and a half.  He is organized and efficient in how he guides the lessons, and has an in-depth understanding of grammar. The innumerable questions I have had have been answered thoroughly to the best of his ability, during and outside of the sessions. He is patient, yet challenges at the same time. His scheduling flexibility and rates would be hard to match for what you receive from him. Ukrainian is not an easy language, but I have experienced continuous progress since I began working with Serhii

Bruce Mallie (Tripoli, Iowa, USA)

I had two years of Ukrainian language classes with Serhii. He was always punctual, very patient and provided excellent teaching material. I can highly recommend him.

Fabian Kettl (Siegburg, Germany)

I had the privilege of studying Ukrainian with Serhii Chepara when my wife and I moved to Lviv in 2014. He is very knowledgeable on the topic of Ukrainian grammar and linguistics and is able to answer all sorts of questions. Good for the advanced speaker.

Paul Miles (Hallsville, Texas, USA)

Serhii is the best teacher! As for me I can say that when we began our lessons I only knew a few expressions like “Дякую” (Thank you), “Будь ласка” (Please; You are welcome) і “Як мені дійти…” (What is the way to…). And in L’viv I said “Я не маю маленьких грошей” (I don’t have little money) :))) Now, I can freely communicate with friends, write and read articles in Ukrainian. The most important is that I do communicate even though I don’t always feel comfortable because of the accent and mistakes. But it’s not important. My Ukrainian friends also see that I can almost fluently speak Ukrainian and admire his work!

Katerina Kosilkova (Chelyabinsk, Russia)

I’m very glad to have begun studying with Serhii. He is a very capable and organized tutor, who uses all the latest resources for learning Ukrainian. He is patient with beginners and encourages students to speak whenever possible. I look forward to making steady progress in our lessons.

Jacob Kapellas (Chicago, USA)

Learn Ukrainian from a native speaker!

Ukrainian lessons for foreigners.

Grammar, vocabulary, reading text.
Ukrainian songs, culture, history and humor.
Lessons can be conducted in person (L’viv, Ukraine) and on skype.
Serhii Chepara +38-097-159-70-64

Why learn Ukrainian?
Ukrainian is spoken by at least 30 million Ukrainians in Ukraine, and at least 15 million more can understand the language. Ukrainian has already become an international language – in Ukraine, there are students from Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America who learn Ukrainian. Besides, Ukrainian can open the door to the world of 13 slavic languages spoken in Eastern Europe. Knowing Ukrainian can help you in learning Russian, Polish or any other slavic language.

What does the study program include?
The study program includes several aspects: learning words, grammar, reading texts. Besides, the teacher makes sure that his students not only learn the language but also get familiar with Ukrainian culture and history as well as the mentality Ukrainian people.

Which handbooks?
Usually I use Bakhtiyarova, Lukashevych “Ukrainian language for foreigners” (Бахтіярова, Лукашевич. Українська мова. Практичний курс для іноземців), Ushchuk “Ukrainian language. Handbook” (І.П. Ющук. Українська мова. Підручник), Roma Franko “Ukrainian for Speakers of English – Text”, Novytska, Polishchuk. We are learning Ukrainian. Handbook. Lviv, 1995 (Л.Г. Новицька, Т.М. Поліщук, Вивчаємо українську мову. Львів, 1995), Mariana Burak “Yabluko”, Леся Назаревич, Наталя Гавдида “Українська мова для іноземців”.

Students from which countries do you teach?
I have experience in teaching people from USA, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, France, Denmark, Netherlands, Norway, Croatia, Slovakia, Poland, Japan, Brazil, Russia, Armenia, Nigeria, Ghana, Bangladesh, Lebanon, Ireland.

If you live in L’viv, Ukraine – it can be your place, my place or a café. You can chose any place most comfortable for you. If you don’t live in L’viv we can also have lessons on skype. The only thing you need – is a good, fast internet connection.

What do I need to have for the first lesson?
Only a notebook, a pen, a pencil and a desire to learn.

When should I pay?
First lesson is free. After it you should pay at least for 4 lessons in advance.

Who pays the bank’s (transfer) fee?
If the fee is 2% or less – it’s payed by the teacher. But if it’s more – the teacher pays 2% and the student covers the rest. This way the teacher receives not less than 98% of the package cost.

What happens if I buy a package, but decide to stop lessons before using all of them?
If a student buys a package of 12 (24, 36) lessons, but uses only some of them – he can use the rest within next 12 months. Also, he can hand them over to someone else. After 12 months the rest of the lessons will be lost.

Do I need to do my homework?
Yes, it is very important. If a student does his homework regularly he is much more successful in learning the language.

What if I want to cancel the lesson?
It is better not to cancel the lesson but rather to postpone it. But if it’s not possible student should inform the teacher at least three hours in advance. In opposite case student looses his lesson.

What if teacher cancels the lesson?
Next lesson will be free for student.

How long do I need to learn Ukrainian in order to speak it fluently?
If you have two or three lessons per week – 1.5-2.5 years. Of course, it also depends on your skills and eagerness to study.

Is it possible to have „double “ or group lessons?
Yes, it is possible. If two students have lessons together (on Skype or in person), the price for each is noticeably lower.

Additional questions
After the first payment, the student will get access to the following documents on Google Drive: study materials; a journal with information about the lessons and payments; and teacher’s work calendar (where the student can see his/her own lessons).

The student can either send his/her homework via email before the lesson or read it at the beginning of the lesson. Also, the student can anytime send different questions about the Ukrainian language, culture, or history – and will receive the answers within the next 12-24 hours.

What if I prefer to learn Russian? Can you teach me Russian?
Yes, I can. For Ukrainians in Ukraine Russian is like the second native language. We often watch movies and read books in Russian, besides Ukrainian and Russian have many common or similar words. 50% of Ukrainians (mostly in the East and South of the country) speak Russian.

Quick test for Ukrainian here!

(for non-students)

valid from 1st of January to 31st of December 2021
Student can pay in UAH according to the current rate of National Bank of Ukraine

Packages (student pays in advance for 3, 6, 12, 24 or 36 hours)
3 hours package :: 36 USD
6 hours package :: 64 USD
12 hours package :: 115 USD
24 hours package ::  227 USD
36 hours package :: 335 USD

SPECIAL OFFER for students who live and study in Ukraine
(in local Ukrainian University, student should have ID)

Private lessons, one on one with the teacher
(student pays in advance for 4 hours)

29 USD / 4 hour
(student pays in advance for 12 hours)
84 USD / 12 hours

What if I want to learn language but it is too expensive for me?
Do not worry! :) Send me an e-mail, and I hope that we can find a good solution.

Apprenez l’Ukrainien par un natif!
Lerne Ukrainisch mit einem Muttersprachler!
Aprende Ucraniano de un nativo!
Aprenda Ucraniano de um falante nativo!

Ukrainian for Russianspeakers (outline)

Я очень рад, что не ошибся в выборе и выбрал именно Сергея Васильевича, я получил от него именно то, что хотел по знаниям украинского языка. Преподаватель является носителем языка, родившемся и проживающим в месте происхождения этого языка, что является огромным плюсом репетитора. Сергей Васильевич просто идеальный педагог, умный, культурный, грамотный, любящий свой язык.

Нифонт (Россия)

8 thoughts on “Ukrainian for foreigners

    • Hello,
      Nice to hear from you!
      Where are you from?
      How many lessons per week would you like to have?
      When would you like to start?
      Is the price on the website good for you?
      (I’m not sure whether you are getting my emails, since I received an automatic response.)
      Would you like to send me an e-mail?

  1. Hi I am interested in learning Ukrainian via Skype and when I am in the country one to one. One lesson per week initially and see how that goes.


  2. Olá , eu sou brasileiro, e gostaria de aprender o idioma ucraniano, eu já estudei um ano a língua ucraniana, mas quero continuar, meu nome é Josué e moro em Santa Catarina/Brasil. Eu estou interessado 12 horas por mês. Gostaria de fazer uma aula de teste.Você fala português ou espanhol para ensinar.

  3. Por que estudar com o nativo da língua ucraniana:
    O professor Serhii Chepara é nativo com excelente formação superior;
    A metodologia é excelente, podendo ser extensiva/semi-intensiva/intensiva, dependendo da situação econômica do aluno e além da disponibilidade de tempo para assistir as aulas ministradas pelo professor, por isso o aluno desenvolve rápido sua habilidade de escrever, de entender e de se expressar;
    O material é gratuito para iniciantes que facilita a entender gramática e o vocabulário.
    No segundo mês o aluno já está capaz entender uma parte da explicação em ucraniano, principalmente, os sons das letras e também a pronúncia das palavras e no terceiro mês o aluno já é capaz entender completamente a explicação de gramática em ucraniano;
    Além das aulas agendadas com professor o aluno tem oportunidade de praticar todos os dias dependendo do seu horário livre no Skype. O aluno tira as suas dúvidas sobre lição de casa, monta as frases para correção do professor, faz a conversação assim que o vocabulário vai permitir, e no início de cada aula o professor procura fazer perguntas sobre assuntos da aula passada para o aluno relembrar e praticar;
    Para quem quer aprender de maneira rápida a língua ucraniana, eu recomendo o curso para aqueles que realmente se interessam ingressar numa Universidade ou apenas para obter conhecimento da cultura e dos costumes do país ou para aqueles que querem viajar pela Ucrânia e que vocês jamais irão se arrepender em fazer o curso de ucraniano.
    A maior vantagem que eu vejo é o interesse do professor em querer ensinar com paciência e dedicação, percebo que a cada dia eu estou progredindo bem mais rápido do que nos curso que eu fiz no Brasil.
    Os valores cobrados pelo professor são bem acessíveis e podem ser negociados diretamente com o professor dependendo de situação econômica de cada aluno.


  4. Hi there,
    I lived in Ukraine for nine years, but I learned it on the street & working there. My reading and writing is slow! But I can speak in the you form well, but there are times i am not sure about the ending of some words. How shut i get started to improve?

    • Hello, Chriss!Thank you very much for your comment \ question. We can try to check your level and after that have some lessons :) When do you have time for the first trial lesson? Thank you in advance. Best regards.

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